Pre sale and after-sale service

Pre sale:

Early communication between the technical staff of both sides.

Necessary materials for technical support by partners.

Our technical support center will design a satisfaction scheme for our customers.

Our technical support center shoulders the responsibility of confidentiality




Product acceptance:

Both sides will conduct  the acceptance tests on the battery  , including tests on the model, quantity, appearance and product quality. After inspections and tests  , the two sides will sign and confirm the acceptance list and contracts.

Installation and debugging

Under favorable installation circumstances, our technical support center engineers will carry out the installation and commissioning of the product. and our customers need to arrange the relevant technical personnel to cooperate. In case of joint adjustment with other equipment, our customers shall actively join our coordination. After the commissioning is completed, the two sides jointly conduct the test and sign the acceptance report.------------------------

Test operation

After commissioning, the company's technical support center will conduct performance tests for our customers' products. If problems arise during the trial operation, please  notify our technical support center engineer in written form in time to solve the problem as soon as possible and submit the possible failure report and the solution.

Project final test

At  the end of the test operation  if  the product runs normally. Both sides shall sign the project acceptance report and archive  the relevant documents for future maintenance and inquiry of equipment. 


Our technical support center engineers will conduct technical training and communication for our customers  engineer on the spot to ensure that  it is simple for our customers to use and maintain the relevant equipments correctly. The specific training schedule  will be put into discussion and  decided by the engineers of both sides.



After sale

Telephones, E-mail ,remote computing technical support services.

Any customer consulting technology problems or small failures can easily reach us by telephone, E-mail .  and our  customer service center will arrange solutions by telephone, E-mail, fax and so on. The response time of this service would be  within 3 hours.

 technical support service by person

When the product fails and the problem can not be solved , our technical support center engineers will arrange the on-site technical support service to assist our customers to solve the related problems. The response time is divided according to different fault levels.

Product warranty service

According to our relevant warranty  policy , the cost of maintenance after the expiration of the warranty period shall be undertaken by our customers.   and our technical support center will assist our customers in handling any problem.

The warranty of product hardware does not cover the following areas:

1. hardware damage caused by the artificial cause of our customers or the third party;

2. failure to operate in accordance with the manual and cause malfunction due to misuse or abuse.

3. repair or refit the product privately, or damage caused by third-party technical personnel  which is not authorized by us.

4. the applying circumstance and environment which do not meet the requirements of the product.

5. damage caused by accidental calamities or force,  majeure factors such as earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.

Security Advisory Service

Our technical personnel will assist our customers in all problems.





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